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We look forwad to assisting you in obtaining permits for your projects so you can begin construction quickly.

CADD Services is becomming 3D Properties and Development, LLC

We have recently started a new company due to the declining business volume we are experiencing and the lack of leads coming from our online efforts. The real estate and construction markets have both changed in such a way that only being a design and engineering company is no longer a solid buisiness model. The Real Estate values have been on the rise at such a high pace that investing in improving properties is not required to gain significant returns in equity. The construction costs have increased 300% in the last couple of years, primarily to to supply chain issues that originated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

3D Properties and Development will be based out of Lake Arrowhead, California and no longer only be solely focused on the design and engineering of projects for our clients to build. It will focus on creating small developments that employ cost-effective methods and materials to create small homes, reasonably priced that operate ofrf-grid for electricity, gas, water and waste. This venture will begin mid 2022 and be the primary focus of our proprietor Steve Hopkins.

Not all developments are square even if the lot is! Preserving Trees is one good reason to break the mold.

Recent and not-so-recent Unethical Issues on the Internet

After cancelling a campaign with month-to-month advertising company 411-Locals, a few things have come to my attention that I thought everyone should be made aware of. Did you know that if you cancel the services of an SEO Company (Search Engine Optimization), the tactics that they might use to make their services seem necessary, may make your business undiscoverable online? Well, by their own admission, they make it so that anyone that searches for services that you offer, will not find your company. They will also remove your company from google search results. In addition, if someone just tries to enter your website address, they will be misdirected in one way or another.  They will monitor searches coming from your location and make things appear how they want you to see them to convince you of their value. Also, your phone number, email address and such contact information will not be obtainable online. So, beware before you hire any of them because if you should stop using them, they may destroy your business. They do not follow ethical practices and their only true goal is to keep you paying your monthly ACH Debit like an adict. This is not the first time these threats have been made.  Excallibur, another SEO company, also made such threats when their services were discontinued. Has this ever happened to you? If so, I would like to hear your story.

Mixed Use Project The Crab Cooker in Newport Beach - Construction Completed

Grand Re-Opening July 2021

After many years since the damage was caused to their foundation the iconic Newport Beach Crab Cooker has finally reopened. This sis one of the most unique restaurants in Orange County, California.

 Here is a link to ther website:   The Crab Cooker Newport Beach

CADD Services diversity can bring your dream projects to life

From a new design to a complex restoration or addition/remodel, you can rest assured that your project is in the right hands. Let our professional and creative approach make you a believer! Using the latest Computer Aided Design and Drafting Software we will model every aspect of your project, inside and out!.

Custom Designed Residence Custom Residence in Aspen, Colorado

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New Curb appeal with 2nd Story Added in Newport Beach, California

Specialists in Custom Residential Design and all styles for all climates - Mountain Chateaus, Beach Bungalos, Desert Oasis in styles from Rustic to Classical and Modern to Minimalistic Residential

Mixed Use Project Custom Courtyard Entry

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Mixed Use Shopping Center Mixed Use Shopping Center

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As our customer, you will receive the individualized attention you require during all phases of the project. From the first draft to the final inspection, we will be at your side.

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L.A. Mercedes Facility L.A. Mercedes Facility

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This is a Recently completed project. built on Shelter Island in New York with a view of Long Island.  Photos of construction are on tghe  Residential portfolio page!

This will be the next Remodel/Addiition in San Juan Capistrano.

Modern Design in San Clemente, soon adding an ADU
New house in Santa Monica, CA that replaced a condemned one
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